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Haesco Limited is a specialist engineering business within the Anderman & Company Ltd group of companies. The business is a leading specialist in the field of high voltage disconnectors as well as a sales, support and sole service agent for Hapam, a global leader in disconnector manufacture.

Haesco whilst remaining flexible, is a rapidly growing business dedicated to improving performance in the operating environment of the modern electricity substation. Our core of highly qualified and experienced engineers, work closely with our Project and Technical Teams to ensure that we continually deliver exceptional service on every project.

Haesco Ltd provides a wide range of services in relation to substation performance at high voltages which includes:

  • • AIS/GIS Switchgear Services
    • We can undertake removal/replacement/installation of all types of AIS/GIS switchgear including support structures, tubular and stranded conductors and earthing (such as tape earth mat/ earth rods/ high frequency/ exothermic welding). Haesco can also undertake removal/ replacement/installation of strain gantries, strain sets, stranded overhead conductors (with relevant sag requirements).
  • • Substation Maintenance
    • Haesco offers a variety of substation maintenance including both minor and major repairs with the option of participating into a bespoke multiple year contracts.
  • • Control & Protection
    • LV multi-core and paired telecommunication cable installation and terminations plus secondary wiring modifications. New relay panel installation levelling, alignment and securing plus existing relay panel or relay rack modification and retro fitting of new equipment. Line trap removal and busbar reconfiguration works. Installation of GPS antennae.
  • • Asset Replacement; Busbars, crane planning, lift supervision
    • Willing to assist/provide personnel with appropriately authorised designations or undertake works directly. We can provide personnel of all grades; electricians and mechanical fitters, supervisors (mechanical & electrical) and managers. our supervisors and managers are trained appointed persons and lift supervisors under BS7121 parts 1&3 for the safe use of cranes can help reduce costs of crane contract hiring, Our General Manager is an approved Temporary Works Coordinator therefore we have a comprehensive understanding of National Grid's TP184 and all that it entails.
  • • LV Cable installation & removal
    • We are aware that low voltage cable trenches around many substations are congested with redundant cables that haven't been fully extracted. We would be happy to remove redundant cables as well as install, gland and terminate new cables.
  • • Corrosion & Protection Technology
    • Haesco offers a specialist corrosion, abrasion chemical resistant ceramic coating. The coating is an alumina oxide based technology originally developed for highly corrosive marine environments. The nature of the ceramic coating also provides high levels of electrical resistance similar to that found in porcelain insulators. The coating can be applied under normal room conditions by a number of different application techniques depending on the coating thickness and application area required.
  • • Commissioning Services
    • We can supply commissioning resource with appropriate authorisations for Power Stations, Distribution Network Operators and transmission companies for all Substation works (220V to 400kV). In addition we have a range of test equipment and injection sets available for rental.
  • • Earthing Services
    • All types of copper earth mat installation and diversion including the use of National Grid's National Safety Instruction – 24 specialist bridging equipment. These include copper to copper brazed jointing, bolted connections and protection against corrosion for dissimilar metals (typically by use of Fryolux solder paint). Haesco can also undertake installation of earth rods plus exothermic welding capabilities such as tape to rod jointing and stranded conductor to rod jointing.


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